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Transforming Insights into Outcomes: SciFiMed at the EIC Innovation Bootcamp

At SciFiMed, we understand the importance of knowledge and the value of gaining insights through research. But we also know that it's important to manifest our findings in a way that can improve people's lives. That's why our partners Bert Veuskens (Sanquin), Clemens Spitzenberg (University of Regensburg), and Diana Pauly (University of Marburg) applied to the EIC innovation bootcamp 4.0.

Organized by EIC Business Acceleration Services, the EIC innovation bootcamp offered a great opportunity for those involved in the development of new techniques or products to learn the entrepreneurial basics and pitch their ideas to a selected jury. We believe it's important to bring scientific results to the market, not just publish them in scientific manuscripts. This benefits the EU population by turning research into real-world solutions.

During the bootcamp, our partners learned that exploitation is more of an art than a science. The bootcamp offered theoretical input from top speakers and interactive sessions on topics like creating innovative business models, developing products and markets, implementing IP strategy, and improving communication skills. After a successful pitch to a selected jury, our partners are excited to see their learnings come to life.

We encourage anyone involved in the development of new techniques or products to consider applying for future editions of the EIC innovation bootcamp. It's a great way to gain valuable skills.

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