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Towards new diagnostic assays...

Collaborative efforts inside of SciFiMed spanning across academia and industry in multiple countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, are driving innovation forward!

During a recent visit to Sanquin, Ferdinand Holzhausen (University Regensburg, pictured on the right), one of our dedicated PhD students from Antje Baeumner's group, had the opportunity to investigate the impact of various serum samples on the new liposome assay. 

He was warmly welcomed and supported by SciFiMed members (from left to right) Mieke Brouwer, Dr. Richard Pouw, and Bert Veuskens, whose expertise in complement research was important for further assay development steps. 

Beyond the lab work, Ferdinand used the opportunity to immerse himself into the Sanquin environment, to learn new techniques, participate in their seminar, and, of course, to enjoy the great Dutch cultural sights in Amsterdam.

It's through collaborative endeavors like these that we continue to push the boundaries of scientific discovery and pave the way for advancements in personalized medicine! 

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