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Presenting New Tools for Disease Detection: FHR-2, FHR-3, FHR-4, and FHR-5 ELISA Kits

The SciFiMed consortium has recently unveiled a suite of ELISA kits designed to detect FHR-2, FHR-3, FHR-4, and FHR-5 proteins.


The journey of these kits is one of collaboration, dedication, and the pursuit of knowledge. Developed within the SciFiMed project, by our members Sanquin and Hycult Biotech, these ELISA kits represent a significant leap forward in our ability to study the Factor H (FH) -protein family's role in disease.


But why are these proteins so significant? To understand their importance, we must first delve into the intricate workings of the immune system. The FH-protein family, consisting of seven proteins, operates within a specialized arm of immunity known as the complement system. When this system becomes dysregulated, it can have profound implications for human health, with links to a diverse array of conditions, including various infections, kidney diseases, and eye disorders.

Eager for a deeper dive into this topic? Explore the wealth of scientific publications released by SciFiMed in recent years, offering intriguing insights and comprehensive overview articles!


In the midst of this medical landscape, Factor H itself has garnered attention in clinical trials targeting age-related macular degeneration and glomerulopathy. However, the related proteins, FHR-2, FHR-3, FHR-4, and FHR-5, have remained relatively unexplored territory—until now. Our consortium, alongside other beta testers, is diligently conducting tests across various cohorts to validate these distinct FHRs as reliable biomarkers.


The unveiling of the SciFiMed ELISA kits brings with it a promise of specificity and precision. Designed with meticulous care, these kits offer highly specific assays (as shown in the graph below) tailored to each FHR protein, ensuring minimal cross-reactivity with other FH-related proteins and Factor H itself. This level of precision is essential for researchers seeking to unravel the complexities of these proteins and their implications for disease.


For scientists and clinicians alike, access to reliable tools is paramount. With the new ELISA kits, researchers gain a powerful resource to aid in their investigations. Detailed information and purchasing options are readily available on the Hycult homepage, providing a gateway to unlocking new insights into the role of these FHR proteins in health and disease.

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