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Throwback to: the annual meeting of SciFiMed in Marburg, Germany - 2023 edition

The SciFiMed Annual Meeting in Marburg, Germany, was once again a remarkable convergence of scientific minds and collaboration. Commencing with a relaxed dinner bringing together the non-PIs, the event set a friendly and approachable tone for the days ahead.

The subsequent day delved into immersive workshops to compare two key laboratory techniques such as LFA (Lateral Flow Assay) and ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), offering attendees practical insights and invaluable hands-on experience.

A pivotal highlight of the gathering was the inclusive dinner that brought together participants from various roles—students, PIs, and distinguished members of the scientific advisory board including Taco Kuijpers, Mohamed Daha, and Michael Kirschfink. This gathering already fostered meaningful exchanges and connections crucial for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The following day commenced with a captivating presentation by Michael Kirschfink, providing an illuminating introduction to complement diagnostics. This set the stage for researchers to present their findings, showcasing the dedication and innovation within our consortium.

Amidst the rigorous schedule, a delightful interlude was provided at the University of Marburg's botanical garden during lunch. Attendees seized the opportunity to explore the beauty of nature, engage in informal discussions, and network amidst the serene surroundings.

The evening unfolded with a touch of festivity as participants visited the Christmas market in Gießen, providing a relaxed environment for further discussions and relationship-building outside the formal setting.

The concluding day saw engaging discussions and presentations summarizing the insights gained from the laboratory workshop: Over the last three years, our team's dedication has paid off. We have made great progress in the diagnostic and research of the FH protein family. We have developed several prototype detection systems and are preparing to commercialize them soon.

Today's discussion with our distinguished advisory board was about raising awareness of the FH protein family in scientific, medical and pharmaceutical circles.

Heartfelt appreciation was extended to all participants for their invaluable contributions, to the organizers for their tireless efforts, and to the scientific advisory board for their guidance—whether present in-person or digitally: Michael Kirschfink, Taco Kuijpers, Mohamed Daha, Kyra Gelderman, Ashley Frazer-Abel and Lisa Hall. The 2023 SciFiMed annual meeting in Marburg encapsulated the spirit of collaboration and innovation, leaving an enduring impact on the landscape of scientific exploration. Anticipation lingers for the prospect of future gatherings to further nurture this shared pursuit of knowledge and discovery.


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