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The human factor H protein family – an update

Exploring the Dynamic Landscape of the Human Factor H Protein Family: Recent Insights and Updates 🧬🔍

Join Mihály Józsi and his esteemed research team as they delve into the latest findings on the human Factor H protein family, shedding light on its multifaceted roles in health and disease. 🌐🔬

👉 Comprehensive Overview: Complement, an intricate network of the immune system, holds pivotal roles in physiological functions and is intricately linked to various pathological processes. Central to the regulation of this system is Factor H, a major complement regulator. Together with its splice variant, Factor H-like protein 1, and the five human Factor H-related (FHR) proteins, these entities have been implicated in diverse diseases.

1️⃣ Factor H's Inhibitory Mastery: Factor H's well-established role in inhibiting complement activation takes the spotlight. The delicate balance of allowing sufficient and targeted complement activity, while preventing deleterious side-effects, underscores its physiological significance.

2️⃣ Unraveling FHR Functions: While Factor H's inhibitory prowess is extensively studied, the functions of FHRs are less characterized. Current evidence positions FHRs as enhancers of complement activation and opsonization, acting to counterbalance the inhibitory effects of Factor H. They emerge as soluble pattern recognition molecules, actively contributing to positive regulation within the complement system.

3️⃣ Beyond Complement Cascade: Intriguingly, Factor H and select FHR proteins exhibit non-canonical functions outside the complement cascade, modulating the activity of immune cells. This expands the narrative of their impact on immune regulation.

4️⃣ Advances in Research Tools: Recent endeavors focus on advancing tools for the distinction, quantification, and functional characterization of Factor H family members. These tools contribute to a deeper understanding of the roles played by these proteins in health and disease.

🔬 Unveiling Biological Functions: This comprehensive update provides insights into the versatile roles of Factor H family proteins. It synthesizes current knowledge about their biological functions in both healthy conditions and disease states, offering a valuable resource for researchers and enthusiasts alike.

📚 Dive into the dynamic realm of complement regulation with this illuminating overview! #FactorH #ComplementSystem #ImmuneRegulation #ResearchUpdate 🌐💡

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