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„Hey, aren’t you from SciFiMed as well?”

The 18th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease (EMCHD) 2022 took place two weeks ago in the incredibly beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland and finally gave many of the SciFiMed members the possibility to meet each other – for many the first time in person!

Starting with an informative and interactive teaching day, the young scientists attending the EMCHD 2022 were invited to not only get a crash course in complement biology by renowned scientists, but to interact and deepen their skills and knowledge during specific workshops.

The teaching day was followed by a packed scientific and social programme, beautifully orchestrated by the ECN and included not only three days full of talks and news from inside the research field, discussions, interesting and beautiful poster presentations, meeting colleagues, cooperation partners and old and new friends, a trip to lake Lucerne, some glasses of wine, lots of coffee and many more insights on the complement system.

As SciFiMed is a very interdisciplinary project, not all of our partners were present at the EMCHD – nevertheless, we are grateful to be able to finally meet the attendees there!

SciFiMed members did not only attend, but also participated actively in various roles:

Chair persons: Richard B. Pouw, Mihály Józsi, Diana Pauly, Elena Goicoechea de Jorge, Felix Poppelaars

SciFiMed related talks: Hani Hashim Hammad (PI: Mihály Józsi)

SciFiMed related poster presentations: Clemens Spitzenberg (University Regensburg, PI: Antje Baeumner), Veronika Ehinger (University Marburg, PI: Diana Pauly, on behalf of the SciFiMed consortium), Mariana Gaya da Costa (UMCG Groningen, PI: Felix Poppelaars), Pratiti Banerjee (University Marburg, PI: Diana Pauly), Bert Veuskens (Sanquin, PI: Richard B. Pouw), Bárbara Márquez Tirado (University Complutense, PI: Elena Goicoechea de Jorge)

ECN board members: Elena Goicoechea de Jorge, Mihály Józsi, Felix Poppelaars (new)

Big congratulations to the winner of one of the poster prizes: Clemens Spitzenberg (University Regensburg, PI: Antje Baeumner)!

Oh, and did we mention that there were sparkling SciFiMed buttons? ;-)

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