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Evaluating the clinical utility of measuring levels of factor H and the related proteins

🔬 Exploring the Clinical Significance of Assessing Factor H and Its Related Proteins: A Review by the SciFiMed consortium! 🧪📊

Embark on a journey through the latest insights into complement-targeted therapies and the pivotal role of factor H (FH) and its related proteins. This comprehensive review, led by SciFiMed Consortium and researchers including Pratiti Banerjee, delves into the evolving landscape of complement therapeutics and the critical need for standardized tools in diagnostics and therapeutics.

💡 Following years of challenging clinical outcomes, complement-targeted therapies have emerged as validated treatments for various diseases, sparking renewed interest in their potential. The complexity of the complement system allows for diverse therapeutic targets and strategies, with ongoing clinical trials showcasing a diverse array of complement therapeutics.

🚀 However, the success in therapeutics has outpaced the development of standardized tools for complement testing. The review emphasizes the importance of complement biomarkers in assessing disease risk, diagnosis, predicting progression, and monitoring treatment response. The FH protein family, comprising FH, FH-like protein 1, and five factor H-related proteins, emerges as highly relevant in complement-associated disorders, spanning eye, kidney, infectious, vascular, autoimmune diseases, and cancer.

🌟 The review provides a thorough overview of the current data on circulating levels of FH and its related proteins in various pathologies. By scrutinizing the clinical utility of measuring these proteins in health and disease, the authors shed light on their potential as crucial biomarkers. The discussion extends to future steps required for the clinical translation of FH protein family measurements, underscoring the need for guidelines in complement analysis.

👏 Kudos to the SciFiMed consortium: Pratiti Banerjee, Bert Veuskens, Elena Goicoechea de Jorge, Mihály Józsi, Antje Baeumner, Mark-Steven Steiner, Richard Pouw, Erik Toonen, Diana Pauly and Felix Poppelaars for this enlightening review! Stay tuned for further advancements in complement therapeutics and diagnostic tools! 

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