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"Definitely the closest online meeting ever"

With these kind words of a participant of our kick off meeting, we also want to give you a short insight and recap to our first official meeting.

The Kick off meeting took place - of course - digitally on February 3rd & 4th. Additionally to all the members of SciFiMed we also had guests: Prof. Michael Bölker, vice president of the university Marburg, Prof. emeritus Mohamed Daha from the University Leiden and Prof. Sascha Fauser from Roche Diagnostics.

This SciFiMed meeting started off with welcome speeches from Diana Pauly, Prof. Bölkers, Prof. Daha and Prof. Fauser (which you can watch here) wishing us all the best for the upcoming years, before the main part - the scientific talks - were to take place.

Each project leader gave an introduction to their research project, which research was leading up to SciFiMed in their fields, the plans for the near future and of course their teams.

As digital meetings are exhausting and can be boring, we used our coffee breaks for fun surveys (thanks to AhaSlides), chit-chatting in breakout sessions and some moving with Lorraine Bowen.

After two interesting days talking about Science, Committment and Compassion, the Factor H, Complement System and team work, listening to exciting and encouraging talks, having fun together as a group and shaping SciFiMed into OUR project, we were ready to jump into the project and get SciFiMed started!


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