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A Family Affair: Addressing the Challenges of Factor H and the Related Proteins

Scientific language is a bit too boring, complicated and exaggerated?

We get that - that's why we start to explain our publications in easier words.

We start with our first publication, a review from 2021 with the title:

🔬✨ We are diving deep into the world of Factor H (FH) proteins, a family of proteins crucial in maintaining a healthy immune system.

 🔍Inflammation plays a big part in many diseases, and the complement system (part of our innate immune system) is a key driver. Recent research has linked the FH family to infectious, vascular, eye, kidney, and autoimmune diseases. While we know about FH itself, there's still a lot to learn about its related proteins.

🚀 This is where the SciFiMed Consortium comes in! The recently published review tackles some big challenges, such as understanding the functional roles of the FH protein family, addressing discrepancies in quantifying these proteins, developing validated tools, and improving animal models.

💡 The potential benefits of this research could be huge! A strong multidisciplinary approach is needed, with collaboration between biologists, chemists, geneticists, and physicians. Stay tuned for more exciting discoveries in this emerging field! #immunology #factorH #SciFiMed #healthcare #collaboration

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